Welcome to Midwest Krawlers! The Largest and Most Active Off Road Club in Kansas City!

Board of Directors

President: Patrick Chiarelli

Runs the day to day operations of the club. Sets the monthly club schedule and meeting agenda. REQUIRED to always look out for the clubs long term growth. Casts the tie breaking Vote in all club matters.

Vice President: Curt Tadlock

Shall assist the President and serve in his stead if the President is absent.  Coordinates club trail meals.  Required to plan and organize a minimum of 4 trail ride events in addition to the yearly schedule.  This person is the Trail Events Coordinator.

Treasurer: Adriane Handy

Responsible for keeping and maintaining all financial records of the club.  The Treasure shall collect all dues, fees and make disbursements as directed.  He/She is responsible for filing all tax related documents needed to maintain the clubs 501c3 status.

Developement Officer:  Tony Kiley

Responsible for maintaining and creating relationships with club supporters and local businesses to expand the clubs potential market.  He/She is a point of contact, the chief recruiter, and morale leader.

[BYLAWS][Liability Release]

Safety Officer: Matt Hostetler

Information Director: Jonny Hackett

Social Events Director: Jason Heitman

Midwest Krawlers 2019

Responsible for KRAWLER inspections, ensuring all Krawlers meet the minimum required safety standards to participate.  This person leads the Trail Crew -- helping our newest members get into the routine of a trail ride event.  Required to design the 2019 TRAIL CREW T-shirt.  Helps to promote all club events  on and off road.

Shall be responsible for maintaining club membership roster, both Facebook group pages, the official club page, the club Instagram, twitter, and any other social media platform the club utilizes. Helps to promote all club events  on and off road.

Responsible for planning and coordinating all OFF-TRAIL Club events.  Required to plan and attend a minimum of 6 #MWK Social Events in the 2019 Club year.  Required to design the 2019 MALL Krawlers T-shirt.  Helps to promote all club events  on and off road.