Christina Scanlon

About Christina

Q:  What is your professional background?   Where do you work, and what is your role there?

A:  Currently, I am an Insurance Agent with MO Farm Bureau in Belton MO.  I am also a very proud mama bear to “Little” and our exchange students that stay with us.

Q:  How long have you been off-roading? What drew you to the sport?

A:  Years ago, I got tired of hearing Devlin talk about wanting a Jeep.  So we purchased one for him and joined the club to have something to do.  I really enjoyed the club, and when it came time to change my vehicle I chose one, too.  I wouldn’t want anything different then my Gladiator.  My Jeep helped my blood pressure as well because I no longer had to ride with Devlin, and I could drive myself.

Q:  What are your passions and interests related to the club’s activities? What motivated you to join the board?

A:  I enjoy the challenge that offroading gives me and also the opportunity to see things with my family  that normal everyday people will never see.  I like meeting new members and teach them how to wheel.  Nothing makes me prouder than when I see someone that I helped lead their own group.

Q:  What is your vision for the club’s future? How do you hope to contribute to its growth and success during your tenure on the board?

A:  I want the club to be a strong offroad club that empowers it members.  I want everyone to feel like they belong.  We have a family with our club and this helps our bonds and friendships.  It is pretty special to know that you could call on someone anytime you need help and they will show up.  I hope that my being on the board makes the club stronger.  I always give 110% to everything I do and MWK is no different.

Q:  Are you involved in any other community organizations or initiatives that align with the club’s values?

A:  I am always willing to help in any community activity there is. I have donated time to Little’s school, volunteered at the food pantry, and donated to programs for the less fortunate and young moms.

Q:  Just for fun, if you were a fruit, which one would you be?

A: I took a test and it says I am a kiwi.  I am a unique person!  It says I am loving and welcoming and still trying to find myself and find a place to fit in.