JZ McCauley

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About JZ

Q:  What is your professional background?

A: I have been in the trades and HVAC industry for 19 years working both in the Multi-Family Housing Industry and the Investment Industry. I now own and operate my own Contracting company focusing on home remodels, large projects, and HVAC systems.

Q:  How long have you been off-roading? What drew you to the sport?

A:  Well, see, I was partially tricked into this life via my wife, who wandered into a MWK get together at the Savanna Bananas Baseball game.  One meeting later and here we are, 2 awesome adventure-filled years later, loving every bit of it!

Q:  What are your passions and interests related to the club’s activities? What motivated you to join the board?

A: I am passionate about people and working as a group to see people grow and conquer what seem to be inconceivable feats.  I love sports, outdoor activities, and spending time with friends. I felt as if I could be of assistance with the community and the club by joining the board.

Q:  What is your vision for the club’s future? How do you hope to contribute to its growth and success during your tenure on the board?

A:  In my role as Community Outreach Director, my vision is that we are seen in the public eye as a collective that is willing to help, support, and foster good will and a helping heart.

Q:  Just for fun, if you were a flavor of ice cream, which flavor would you be, and why?

A:  Butter Pecan, because I’ve got an old soul with a little bit of how ya doin.