About Us

About MWK

We are the premier off-road club in the Kansas City metro area. The club is built on three primary principles: Activity Drives Membership, Help Each Other Out and most importantly, HAVE FUN! MWK hosts events year round that cater to all levels of off-roaders, all vehicle types and welcome anyone looking to get out and explore in their vehicle while making new friends.

MWK is not only active out on the trails but in our community as well. We are a registered non-profit and actively support local ORV parks and community outreach programs. During the winter, our club transports first responders and medical personnel to work when we have inclement weather. We also donate to Cancer awareness programs, Veteran’s programs, Toys for Tots and provide ride on, battery operated Jeeps to local children’s hospitals and programs. We also hold many social events for our members throughout the year.  We have also adopted two stretches of highway in Missouri and Kansas for litter cleanup that we do several times a year.