Dominic Accurso

20231112 131214

About Dominic

Q:  What is your professional background?   Where do you work, and what is your role there?

A:  Currently the Director of Finance for the City of Gladstone, Missouri with previous experience as an auditor for not-for-profit entities and state and local governments.

Q:  How long have you been off-roading? What drew you to the sport?

A:  It is Debbie’s fault. Wheeling is definitely something that I don’t think anyone would have thought I would do (including myself), much like becoming an accountant. Debbie took me out to Krocks and I was hooked from that point on. Since then I bought the Gladiator and have been building ever since. Over the past 4 years we have wheeled in the Black Hills of South Dakota, Utah (Moab), Colorado, (Ouray and Breckenridge), Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Always looking forward to new challenges! I don’t do moderation well.

Q:  What are your passions and interests related to the club’s activities? What motivated you to join the board?

A:  I have a love/hate relationship with work, yet that is something I love to do. I love to learn. I have a tendency to go back to school every 10 years (coming up on my next 10-year itch). Of course, there is my kids, grand kids, fish and our jeep dogs!

I joined the board because I saw a need for someone that possessed my professional and educational background. The club has gone through a lot of changes becoming a 501(c)7, filing their first 990, paying sales tax, you know, all the fun things in life. Helping out is something I enjoy doing and with this, I get to wheel too! I enjoy sharing things that I have a passion for, and that includes accounting!

Q:  What is your vision for the club’s future? How do you hope to contribute to its growth and success during your tenure on the board?

A:  My vision for the club is to help continue the things we are doing! I love to go on trips, see and do things that you usually see on the YouTube! Giving people the opportunity to get together and share experiences they are passionate about. Doesn’t matter if it is mall or rock crawling, I am here to facilitate! And then there is the other side of staying compliant with the IRS and DOR.

Q:  Are you involved in any other community organizations or initiatives that align with the club’s values?

A:  As a part of the leadership for the City of Gladstone I spend a good deal of time working with other municipalities, our City Council, Boards, and Commissions.

Q:  Just for fun, if you could have a super-power for a day, what would it be and why?

A:  See the future so I could win the billion dollar Powerball;  just think of all the jeep parts I could buy….