Lisa Addington

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About Lisa

Q:  What is your professional background?   Where did you work, and what was your role there?

A:  I am retired from 23 years of behavioral intervention with students of upper elementary age in the Odessa Mo. school district. I am currently working part time to fund my adventures as a cashier at Price Chopper, which I really enjoy – lots of great three minute conversations, which can be fascinating.

Q:  How long have you been off-roading? What drew you to the sport?

A:  My introduction to the off-road community came when my husband retired from over thirty years in the fire service and wanted to buy a Jeep again. He had one before I met him, and he wanted to get a 2018 Rubicon when they came out. He had his for about a year when I decided I needed one too. Watching him wheel and having fun was something I wanted to do as well. I drove his for the first time off-road at the second Sunflower event and I was hooked completely. I then started looking and that began the rabbit-hole for me.

Q:  What are your passions and interests related to the club’s activities? What motivated you to join the board?

A:  My passion for this club stems from the people and the fun we have. I like to be involved and to give back. After being a part of the club for a couple years and the position of Board Administrator came open, I thought that would be a way to help. I enjoyed filling that role for three years and was wanting to do more –  I felt the pull. When the role of president came open I wanted to step up again, so here I am.

Q:  What is your vision for the club’s future? How do you hope to contribute to its growth and success during your tenure on the board?

A:  My vision for the club is for our members to learn and grow with confidence, safely, in the off road community. My role in that is to help educate, to be available when someone has a question, to build confidence, and be a role model for others in how to wheel.

Q:  Are you involved in any other community organizations or initiatives that align with the club’s values?

A:  Besides MWK, I am, and have been a member of Beta Sigma Phi for forty years.  Beta Sigma Phi is a women’s organization to promote women coming together to learn, support each other and to give back to our community through many endeavors.

Q:  If you were a fruit, which one would you be?

A:  If I were a piece of fruit I would obviously be an orange. Sometimes sweet, sometimes tangy, liked by most, and adds flavor to your day.