Rachel Roos

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About Rachel

Our son was graduating.  Grady and I had no idea what we were going to do with ourselves, so we bought a Jeep.  The first one was a red Sarah JK.  After putting a spreadsheet together of all the modifications we wanted, 6 months later it was cheaper to buy a Red Rubicon JL!  Oh boy, when Jeep announced diesels would be available in 2020, we were at the dealership ordering on the first day the option was available – in September 2019.

In April 2020 he came in!! He was a red Rubicon diesel we named Rooster.

Now we had THE Jeep, but we had to wait out the pandemic.

Our first event was a new members meetup at Shawnee Mission Park August of 2021. We exchanged numbers with a group of people from Lee Summit and had drinks with a different group that evening!!

In September we went to our first MWK event at SMORR.  We roomed with the strangers we met at the new members meeting!

Someone said at that first members meeting: you get what we put in.   MWK has given my family so many great memories, and the friends we have made are forever!!

I worked at Quest Diagnostics for 20+ years.  I am currently retired and take care of our parents.  Some days are challenging, but to be able to have this one-on-one time with our parents is amazing;  oh, the stories they tell!!  Now with our new jeep adventures, I get to share stories, pictures and videos with them.  Of course they think we are crazy!!

The people we met when we first became members really made us feel like family.  I hope to continue that feeling, and pass on the amazing feeling and confidence to new members.

When asked what superpower I would like for a day, or what flavor ice cream or fruit I would like to be and why….. I have nothing.

I talk loud and say what I feel.  I love anything chocolate.  Strawberries are my favorite because they are sweet and red like my Jeep!!