The Midwest Krawlers Offroad Club is proud to announce its groundbreaking “Driving Change” scholarship program aimed at supporting and empowering young women who are breaking barriers in traditionally male-dominated career fields. The club is committed to fostering diversity in the skilled trades career field by fostering educational opportunities and providing financial assistance to inspire the next generation of trailblazers.

With a strong dedication to promoting responsible off-roading and environmental stewardship, the Midwest Krawlers Offroad Club recognizes that the spirit of adventure knows no gender boundaries. The club’s commitment to empowering women extends beyond the trails and into various professional arenas. The scholarship program, funded by our annual Sunflower Trail Ride event, serves as a testament to the club’s core values and its belief in the potential of young women to excel in any field they choose.

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Through this innovative scholarship initiative, the Midwest Krawlers Offroad Club will provide financial support to exceptional young ladies who are pursuing careers in fields traditionally dominated by men. These fields include but are not limited to automotive technology, welding, plumbing, carpentry, electrical, toolmaking and HVAC. The aim is to enable young women to access educational opportunities and resources that will help them overcome obstacles and reach their full potential.

“We believe that diversity is crucial for progress and innovation,” said Dave Williams, President of the Midwest Krawlers Offroad Club. “Our scholarship program is a reflection of our commitment to challenging norms and fostering an environment where young women can thrive and lead in male-dominated industries.”

The scholarship recipients will not only receive financial support but will also have the opportunity to engage with the club’s vibrant community of off-road enthusiasts. This mentorship and networking aspect of the program aims to provide a supportive network that will empower these young women as they navigate their chosen career paths.

The Midwest Krawlers Offroad Club invites young women who are defying conventions and excelling in traditionally male-dominated fields to apply for the scholarship. Applications will be evaluated based on academic achievements, leadership potential, and commitment to making a positive impact in their chosen fields.

Blaze the trail toward your dream career with support from the Midwest Krawlers Off Road Club!

This program is designed to remove a portion of the financial burden associated with higher education, one of many barriers that could prohibit women from pursuing a career in the trades.

The electronic application applicants are required to submit is comprised of two main parts: your personal information (including proof of enrollment) and a video essay.  Both will be evaluated based on eligibility and submitted online through this website. The video essay provides a platform for applicants to demonstrate the ‘human factor’ – the personality, passion, drive and authenticity of the individual.

Applications will be reviewed by the Midwest Krawlers Board of Directors.  Funds will be paid directly to the school where the scholarship winner is enrolled.

Applicants at the time of submission must be:

  • A female
  • A high school senior, graduate or GED equivalent
  • Enrolled in or accepted to an accredited vocational school in the United States with a focus on industrial or construction trade related skills. This could include: technical school, 2-year college or other.